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Upper West Side Kitchen Renovation

Long Island T.V. Cabinet Upgradde

Upper West Side Bathroom Renovation


          Making your renovation project a reality can sometimes be more hectic than expected. Imagining what your project will look like from a set of 2D line work can at times be more complex than one might think it is. For that reason, we offer our clients a series of visualization tools ranging from detailed shop drawings to 3D renderings.

          It is a complete honor and satisfaction when we complete a project and a client tells us; "This is exactly how I imagined it would turn out to be". Whether is renovating your existing kitchen or bathroom, please rest assure that the only thing you will be surprised at when you see your completed project is the detail we pay to every aspect of a project.

          Please feel free to browse our gallery of projects here in which we have been involved in the design which were recently completed or are being wrapped up. If you are ready to begin your renovation experience with JDT General Construction Corp, do not hesitate to contact us.  

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